Internship: Multimedia Designer

We're seeking a Multimedia Design Intern to create graphics.


About the job

We're hiring a Multimedia Design Intern for our Haarlem, The Netherlands office. You will be part of the team creating lush illustrations for digital and printed marketing. You will be working closely together with our product development and marketing guys, actively contributing ideas and solutions. You will also contribute to our in-house video production and be involved in making slick GUIs for our cloud and iOS software.

In the videos below, you can see a customer case study from StyleShoots and Visual Retailing.

Both made in house.

Get a behind the scenes look at the content production of Zalando. See how they use StyleShoots to photograph over 200.000 articles per season.


See how Marks & Spencer uses Visual Retailing software to align planning, buying and visual merchandising to minimize the gaps between information and decisions.


About us

The position is shared between our two companies, StyleShoots and Visual Retailing, both designing and selling products for the fashion and retail industry and located in the same brick building:

At StyleShoots we design and manufacture impressive all-in-one photo machines used by fashion brands and e-commerce businesses around the world to simplify and streamline the mass production of product images for their online stores. At Visual Retailing we design and sell software for 3D visualization of retail stores, range planning and virtual store communication through web and iPad for thousands of stores worldwide.

At our Haarlem office we’re an international group of 30 people managing design, development, sales, logistics and support. You will be joining our 4 people in-house marketing team designing and maintaining the websites, video production, graphic design, brochures and user interface design for both companies.


What you'll be doing

  • Collaborating closely with the management of both StyleShoots and Visual Retailing.
  • Working closely with our visual designer.
  • Editing images in Photoshop, creating graphics in Illustrator and editing videos in premiere.
  • Creating / rendering / lighting 3D objects.
  • Making wireframes for the user interface of future products.
  • Seeing your content spread via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Newsletters, etc.


    • Thirst for knowledge.
    • A jaw-dropping portfolio.
    • Average proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator.
    • Experience in video editing or will to learn.
    • Experience in 3D animation and rendering is a huge plus.
    • Background in IxD, UX or GUI design is a big plus.
    • Team player.
    • English proficiency.
    • You are already living in The Netherlands or within the EU.
    • Above all a Star Wars fan.

    What we offer

    • Salary depending on experience.
    • Access to Adobe Creative Cloud.
    • Travel reimbursements.
    • Free lunch, snacks and drinks.
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