The photo machine for content production.


Get perfect images for visual merchandising and online.
Works like a charm with MockShop and ShopShape.


Images perfect for VM and online shops.


Image taken with StyleShoots

Image taken with StyleShoots

Image used in MockShop 3D store

Image used in MockShop 3D store

StyleShoots produces highly detailed product images ready for visual merchandising, web and print. The included iPad lets anyone control this advanced machine and get ready-to-use photos in seconds.

StyleShoots can export your photos in many dimensions, file types and qualities. Ready for use in MockShop, ShopShape, lookbooks, catalogues, your digital asset management system and online stores.


All you need for content creation

StyleShoots Horizontal comes with everything you need to photograph your products for visual merchandising and online. So your colleagues in marketing will love it too. It contains:

  • Canon® camera and lens
  • Award-winning Rotolight® LED lighting
  • iPad™, embedded Mac mini™ and electronics
  • Active glass LED backlight
  • Custom developed software

The photo machine is designed to let you take great product shots without any hassle. From the steel and glass exterior to the embedded computer and native iOS app.

StyleShoots handles all the complexity and cuts away the background automatically in seconds. So you can use them instantly in MockShop and ShopShape for planogram and guideline creation.


The tool of choice for fashion brands

Fashion companies around the world use StyleShoots Horizontal as their in-house photo studio. By keeping e-commerce photography in-house, costs and time are cut to a fraction of outsourcing. 


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Create planograms with every fixture.

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