We help retail


10 years ago, we took an idea, that the complex processes of retail could be streamlined digitally, and ran with it.


With passion, hard work and by listening to our clients we've turned this idea of simplicity into a mantra. At Visual Retailing, we make applications that help retail. Blood, sweat and tears among other considerable resources are poured out into development. To capture return on investment, the same amount of passion that goes into design must carry on to support all the stages of the product lifecycle.

We get it and we've got a passion too. We develop, distribute and support applications that make it easier to bring your products to market so you can focus on what you do best. Our solutions and applications are at the vanguard of the retail wars because we come from the trenches.



Management Team


Tom van Soest



Tom van Soest is the CEO of Visual Retailing. Tom joined the company in 2007 and is a shareholder. He leads the organization with a strong focus on go-to-market strategies and exploration of new territories.

Tom's wealth of global retail knowledge allows him to combine process insight with technology, to keep helping our customers optimize their retail execution.

Tom has worked with retail and visual merchandising solutions since the early 90’s. He has a background in the retail software industry, having held various commercial management roles at RunTime, Geac and Infor.

Chris Schäfer

Head of Finance and Operations


Chris Schäfer manages all financial, operational and legal activities in Visual Retailing. He is a shareholder in our mother company Visual Retailing Holding.

Chris' team is responsible for on-site implementation and customer support for all our software products. He also oversees all financial and legal matters of suppliers, partners and customers.

Chris has a background as Financial Director in RunTime and Infor, working with the fashion industry since the early 1990's. In the 1980's, Chris worked at Deloitte.

Mike Prytherch

Head of Product Development


Mike Prytherch is Head of Product Development at Visual Retailing. His team is responsible for all research and development of Visual Retailing's software portfolio.

Mike strives to create best-in-class software that is powerful yet simple to use. He loves coding, playing around with new technologies and openly admits to being a tech geek. When he isn't working, you may find him riding one of his many bikes.

Mike joined Visual Retailing in 2005. He has been in software development all his working life, having previously held senior roles in CODA, BaaN and KANA. 



We come from retail

Visual Retailing was founded in 2004 by Maurits Teunissen to help retailers optimise their processes. We have amassed expertise from those who have had their feet in the mud. Our team members come from every aspect of the retail industry.

We are former product developers, buyers, visual merchandisers and salesmen with experience from the field and close ties to the industry. We're not programmers with a flair for retail. We're industry insiders who speak your language.



We know retail


"The most valuable aspect of retail is the brand. And with a highly globalized and competitive industry brands are exposed to more risk than ever."

- Tom van Soest, CEO


With over 20 years global experience working with brands, vertically oriented retailers and multi-brand owners, Tom van Soest knows his stuff. In response to the communication challenges brought about by globalization and increased competition in the marketplace, we started Visual Retailing, to apply retail specific solutions. With expansion of retail outlets in the past decade, we digitized drafting the retail environment with an early iteration of what would become MockShop.

Marrying 3d renderings to products and POS material samples soon followed as an industry standard. Most recently we've revolutionised store communication and retail execution with the groundbreaking ShopShape application. To deliver the best solutions we must continue to innovate. Optimising the shopping experience now becomes more important than ever. Competitive advantage is not just up for grabs.



Moving retail forward


Our initiatives and applications have been copied because they came out first. Our clients stay with us because our products allow them to work smarter and deliver the competitive advantage. The innovation in our products doesn't only come from opportunities in technology, but from demands in the retail industry.

We develop visual solutions because our clients sell a visual product. We carry and cradle brands from the drawing board to the sales floor. So count on Visual Retailing to uphold the massive retail machinery - in a smart, engaging and effective manner.